bean bags in taiwan

Where to buy bean bags in Taiwan?

Are there bean bags in Taiwan?
You have probably been shopping in IKEA, Hola or B&Q and haven’t found bean bags in Taiwan. So where to find them? Lazy bags are very popular in the western world, and the trend is catching in Asia, especially Taiwan. There are currently a few options:

1. Look on Taobao (if you speak chinese)

Taobao has a wide range of Bean Bags, and if you can order in a Chinese website and pay about 400 NT for the delivery then you should give it a try. I didn’t try myself but if I had to I will buy from one of the big shops, as there is a very big difference between a good and a bad bean bag.

2. Lazy Life Paris – Best Bean Bags in Taiwan

bean bags in taiwan
This brand manufactures in China and offers a lot of different bean bags in Taiwan, from very basic ones to fancy and designed items. You can look their collection at their Facebook Page. The stock Bean Bags in Taiwan that Ferenia distributes (along other items or brands) can be found here. Lazy Life Paris offers 10 years warranty on bean bags in Taiwan, any the materials they use are very sturdy.

3. Muji

Muji has some bean bags, however the price range is high and the design is a little boring to my taste.

Remember, quality has a price, and it is especially true when purchasing bean bags in Taiwan. The price range can be anywhere from 1000 to 6000 NT for the standard shapes, and some special ones can be even more pricey. Quality of the fabric, of the beans and of the manufacturing are critical to make a bean bag last years.

Where did you find you perfect bean bag? Tell us in the comments!

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